Personal Essay On Robots

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Robots Sure, I have a strong interest in robots. Robots have already become an important part of our life nowadays. They make our life much easier and more convenient as well. Cleaning and sweeping robots save us a lot of time helping with our housework, and robots in factories help improve the efficiency and reduce casualties. I’d love to have a few robots at home. In fact, we have a sweeping robot as well as a mopping robot at home. They are very smart and good assistant at cleaning. They start to work when we leave and give us a clean and tidy environment when we are back. We all love them. Well, I suppose if I had the chance, I would love to have a try. I guess it would be a nice and cool experience. I’m willing to enjoy the feeling…show more content…
However, more recently, I prefer to play mobile games on my iPhone. You can play whenever and wherever you are, which, on the hand, means I will waste more time on it. Indoor Games I used to play many different kinds of indoor games with my little pals when I was a child. We liked to play chess, jigsaw puzzles, board games, building blocks, hopscotch, rope skipping, and even arm wrestling in the classroom whenever we were free from the class. Our classroom then was quite spacious for us to play around. However, more recently, I only like to play cards and some interesting board games with my friends when we are together. Well, I still see many children playing the same games we used to play. However, a great many of them tend to play video games on smartphones or on computers at home for the simple reason that their parents are quite busy with themselves these days. Well, frankly speaking, most indoor games can be played in an open area as well, things like rope skipping, however, I still prefer to play outdoor games and do some outdoor activities out in nature when the weather’s fine. These days, however, weather conditions are getting worse and worse in China, most parents won’t let their children do outdoor
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