Monarchy Should Be Abolished Essay

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Should the UK Monarchy be abolished? There have been long talks and debates on whether or not the monarchy should be abolished, many people have strong contrasting views about this topic and I myself have a strong opinion about this as well. I strongly agree with abolishing the UK monarchy and throughout this essay I will be discussing reason for and against. As we all know the monarchy has been part of the British constitution for centuries and has played a big part in the past British culture but do we really need a monarchy in the 21st century and if we do what way do we benefit from this. To start off firstly I’d like to talk about equality. The monarchy creates inequality as they consider themselves above everyone else. What I mean by this is that since that the royal family think they are different because they took over the United Kingdom and they think they have all the power in the world but at the end of the day they are still same as everyone else. The Monarchy was established centuries before United Kingdom became a democracy. We don’t have a President but the queen would in this case be considered as a president although she hardly has any participation in Politics and she was not voted in, she was just appointed queen. This is not equality as no one is any different from the queen but she is still picked as the…show more content…
This is the costs of royal palaces, utility bills and also Travel. £300 million could be spent more effectively towards maybe education or even defence. My view is that this money goes to a waste and could be spent of better use and maybe also help homeless or needy people. The monarchy has spent “£13.3 million on building maintenance” according to The Telegraph and let’s be honest the queen doesn’t need this to happen she wants It to happen as she has taken advantage of her income and is spoilt by her

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