My Experience In Industrial Training

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Industrial training has become the link between those who want to enter to working life from university life. Industrial training provides the impetus for undergraduates to understand and realise the real-life working experiences. Undergraduates may acquire their desire and decide their career path from the experience gained during industrial training. Undergraduates may also get the chance to specialise in suitable areas. Industrial training provides undergraduates the chance to meet and network with people in the industry. This report is going to describe what I have done during my industrial training. The purpose of writing this report is to demonstrate what I have learned and lastly what is my future plan. During training period, students…show more content…
Bhd. which is developer and contractor firm for my 26 weeks of industrial training. During my industrial training, I have been asked to do measurement and prepare BQ. Other than that, I have also gone to site visit. When I have problems, I will seek for my supervisor to solve the problems. My supervisor will explain until I understand. Industrial training has provided me with the opportunity to widen my knowledge, recognize my strength and weakness that would be more helpful to develop my career in the future. 1.2 Objective of the Report The purpose of writing this report is to describe what I have learned and problems I have encountered during the 6 months of industrial training in Latimas Development and Construction Sdn. Bhd.. The objectives of industrial training programme are to give undergraduates an opportunity to discover, familiarise the real construction industry in every aspects such as QS practice, communication skills and so on. Other than that, undergraduates are exposed to the industry, where things do not taught in the lecture class. Furthermore, undergraduates able to apply the knowledge learned from lecture class to the working situations. Moreover, the task which given to the undergraduates can assist them to learn more about practical skill and experience which undergraduates are unable to learn it in…show more content…
In the background section, it will cover the background of industrial training and the purpose to prepare the industrial training report. Objective of the report, in this section, it will introduce the objective of the preparation of this industrial training report and the objective of industrial training programme. For the description of report structure section, it will depict the flow line of the industrial training report and explains what will be covered in each chapter and section. From the first chapter, reader will know the background information of this

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