Personal Essay On Habits In Life

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Every day new opportunities knock our door, we just have to be mentally prepared to leave our comfort zone and accept the new things with open mind. Change is inevitable and if we don’t adjust ourselves to the constantly changing wave, we will surely drown. Taking risks gives us motivation to succeed and the person who never quits is a winner at life. One thing that I religiously follow and believe in my life is the fact that “If you dream higher, you will end up achieving higher”. This fact has been proved correct almost every time, as I observe people around me who fail or live a life full of misery is because they have stopped dreaming and are satisfied with just what they have. I consider this wrong, even if you have sufficient things in life and still are not happy with yourselves, there is something needs to be worked on and that thing almost always happens to be lack of goal or ambition. Having a higher, unachievable goal gives a sense of responsibility and keeps you alive, even if it is not achieved or even if you fail but something deep inside your mind tells you that just I have tried my best for this and failure is just the first step. So I believe in dreaming big and working harder to get closer to what I want, what actually makes me happy, even when…show more content…
Money is not the thing that makes people happy, it is success which does and everyone has a different definition of success. For me it is definitely having peace in life and a cooperative healthy relation with people around me. Serenity can be achieved by doing you believe would make you happy. Optimism is the key to victory and tranquility. Thus first and foremost thing required to get one step closer to victory is concentration and trust in oneself. So whenever I am under the stress of performing I talk to myself and try to inculcate the fact that even if I fail, this is not the end of the world, I will get better
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