Pros And Cons Of Glass Pool Fence

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A fence is structure designed to prevent movement across a boundary. A glass pool fence is a type of fence placed around the backyard of the pool to restrict the access of small children towards the pool since it has been designed in an away the children cannot climb over them or go through them. Some countries for instance manufacture, design as well as install the glass swimming pool to the international code council guidelines. Glass pool fencing is categorized into two types commonly used around the swimming pools, they include: (I)Frameless glass This type of glass pool fencing typically has no posts to support instead it has been supported by glass clamping from the bottom of the glass sheet. (II)Semi frameless Consequently, this…show more content…
Characteristically, the glass is six times stronger than the usual glass in view of the fact that it is impossible to break. (b)Visibility The visibility of glass pool fence is 100% perceptible since when using around the pool it has uninterrupted view both into the pool area as well as out of the pool area to the surrounding…show more content…
(b)Invisibility In certain circumstances, the frameless glass fence is invisible in particular to the pets and wildlife. (c)Scratches It is automatic that the tempered glass will scratch if it is not maintained properly hence, it requires following the instruction of the installer’s instructions. (d)Installation The process of installing the glass pool fence is a challenging task and very unforgiving. The glass cannot be modified since they are made to order during the installation process. Essentially, its recommend that the fence to be straight, plumb as well as with the same level which takes time and requires skilled labor.  Fundamentally, frameless glass pool fence has taken the entire world by storm. Nevertheless some companies have embarked on the globally advertisement of this kind of glass pool fence due to its advantageous concept of fencing.  Additionally, semi frameless glass pool fence entails the concept preferred for homeowners install since they are aesthetically pleasing when installed in the

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