Egyptian Culture Essay

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Another shared interest regarding our nation or culture is the way we celebrate public festivals. Egypt is well known for its variety when it comes to festivals such as such as Zar, Mowld, Sobo’, Sham El Neseem. Nowadays, we only see “Zar” in films and TV shows since we can not see it happens in our lives. People are now more educated and that is the reason why Zar is fading away, and even if some Egyptians still practice it, they would hide it from others. Another festival that I really feel we still do share as much as before is “El Soboo”, which is the 7th day of the new baby born. Most Egyptians from different social classes celebrate it, yet it differs in the way of celebrating it from one family to another. Al Mowlad is another festival that people celebrate on the day of The Prophet Mohamed was born. Some people are against it because they believe it is “ Beda'a”, something that the…show more content…
Each culture has their own unique characteristic that the people in this culture will become well known for. Beginning from Nasser presidency, there was a positive period of time regarding the social reforms benefiting the Egyptians, and that period was called ‘the golden age’. To talk about an Egyptian’s characteristics, we have to explain what is “ibn al-balad” and what are the main features that he is known for. Ibn el balad is the simple Egyptian guy, who is everywhere in every social class in Egypt. He is known as a brave, gentleman, and as well as for loving his country, nation or culture. He has the idea of we are all united to protect and love this country. Nasser is one of these “Welad El-bald” who used to hide it inside being an officer “afndi” (Page15, chapter 2, Magdy el Shamma”). These characteristics are still found in every egyptian nowadays, even if it is hidden inside us. They make us feel closer and similar, so it is easier for us to identify each other as Egyptians belonging to one
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