The 11 Habits Of Success In Daily Life

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Running head: 11 HABITTS OF SUCCESS Healthy Mind and Body Essay 11 Habits of Success Misha Bush International College of the Cayman Islands EN 100 Instructor: Mrs. Satnarine Faulkner-Peart December 10th, 2015 Abstract This paper will aim to discuss the Eleven Habits of Success and how they can be implemented in your personal life, strengthening work ethics and educational endeavors. Each of these habits can be executed throughout one’s life. The eleven habits have proven useful to me. When used with a positive mindset and perseverance these habits are able to carry you through every aspect towards achieving success. These eleven habits are: Persist, Keep learning, Think before you act, Reach out to others, Create and imagine,…show more content…
Every habit helps to enhance the other. When even just one habit is implemented the output will be great. As we all strive towards bettering ourselves we should take into consideration the eleven habits of success. Change starts with you, the man in the mirror, be the change you want to see! Recently I’ve implemented the persist habit in my daily life. I’ve been a member of the gym for nearly two years, and I’ve struggled to keep up with my membership. Seriously taking all factors (my health, money, and sanity) into consideration I decided there needed to be a change! I have now been attending the gym three mornings/ nights a week. Persistence has gotten me into a truly amazing habit. This is a lifetime commitment I am willing to embark on with persistence as the key. As the first of the eleven Habits is titled as “Persist”, this action lays the foundation of all study. By definition persist mean: “to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning.” You have to be willing to realize there will be moments to pass on, sleepless nights to pull through, and even a grey hair or ten. Such things will only be worth it when you have reached your goal. “It always seems impossible until it is done. – Nelson…show more content…
As of late I’ve been reading a lot of biographies such as: “The Anne Frank diary, I am Malala, and Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.” Each of these characters reinforced habit one of persistence for me; walking through the streets of Germany, into the schools of Pakistan, and a jail cell in South Africa. As a result I was able to gain an immense amount of knowledge through 750 pages, laid back in a comfortable chair. Everyday we learn something new even if it isn’t brought directly to our attention. Learning ends the moment our last breath is taken. It is a blessing and a journey. Learning is being able to retain what you’ve seen or heard and storing it to be used at another appropriate time. Overall I would categorize myself as a shy individual even though others would beg to differ. In my personal life I have implemented the habit of “reaching out to others” by volunteering for a few community activities. These activities have helped me grow so much as a person over such a short period of time. No matter how small the act, being able to help make a difference in someone’s life gives me an unexplainable joy. Wise words from a cracked fortune cookie once were, “The best exercise for the heart is to reach down and help someone

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