Performance Enhancing Drugs In School Sports

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Many students use performance enhancing drugs because they are pressured to succeed. Nationwide student athletes are pressured into believing it is okay to take performance enhancing drugs just to make themselves better, to succeed, and believe their opponents are taking them. General Information & background information on your topic- Drug testing is very expensive when a public school has to pay for every test. For many high schools drug testing is randomly selected. When student athletes play a school sport, they give their school the right to drug test them at any time. Drugs are a major factor when it comes to school sports. Drugs can change people's performance in sports, and the long term and short term effects, and the consequences. While other people might say that drug testing is against their fourth amendment rights. Because so many student athletes are caught up in the thoughts of success, they tend to use performance enhancing drugs for their solution to playing sports. Performance enhancing drugs are illegal, unfair, and dangerous. “Research into athletes’ perceived control over taking banned performance-enhancing substances in elite sport has received relatively less attention in comparison with personal…show more content…
“Teens' brains and bodies are still developing, and this makes them especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of drug use.” (Abuse.) Some long term effects of drugs can lead to serious problems if used repeatedly. Some of those problems are poor academic outcome, mood changes, and social and family problems. Short term effects can affect a person’s judgement and decision making, poor performance in school, and even overdosing. Drug testing student athletes allows students to stay away from drugs. Every student is warned about drugs and all their effects. Not only are the long term and short term effects dangerous but so are the consequences of using

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