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Lance Armstrong, a road racing cyclist competed in the Tour de France from the years 1999 to 2005. In all seven years, Armstrong won. Armstrong was seen as this man who had battled cancer that had a small chance of being overcome, but he did. People around the world began to see Armstrong as someone to admire. Armstrong not only battled cancer and beat the odds but he was back on his bike and winning the Tour de France, year after year. People began to speculate about Armstrong, how could someone that may no long live have the energy to come back just as well if not better. Speculation Begins When Armstrong got diagnosed with testicular cancer, the doctors had speculations that the cause of his cancer were from performance enhancing drugs.…show more content…
At one point in his career, people believed in his story, and hoped for his success and many people still do. Armstrong brought hope and faith into many cancer patients lives and caused them to see if he can do it, so can they. You did not have to be a cancer survivor to believe that conquering cancer is possible, but you just had to believe in the process, in which case Lance Armstrong’s story did that for many people. As a young middle school student, this girl I once knew, back in 2006, she was hopeful for her uncle to overcome his stage four cancer. Although the odds were not in the favor of her uncle and the rest of her family, she knew that overcoming cancer was possible. Her uncle did not defeat his cancer but there was not a day during his fight against cancer that her family did not have on those Live Strong yellow rubber bracelets. To her uncle, her family and herself, the Live Strong bracelets were not a symbol of Lance Armstrong and his deceiving career as a cyclist but rather that cancer can be

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