Should Steroids Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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In professional sports, athletes want to outperform their opponents. Physical trainings and conditioning are essential to better performance. Moreover, the constant pressure in the competition can sometimes drive athletes who are desperate to win into doping. The use of steroids is prohibited in sports, and those who violate the rule can be severely punished. Indeed, what makes the use of steroids a sin in sports? Doping is considered an act of cheating by most of the sports community. Athletes caught violating the rules can be disqualified from their career and denied from their fame. Although steroids can prosper an advantage for winning, athletes have to suffer severe side effects from the drug. Athletes committed to doping can also yield negative effects to the public. I believe steroids should be prohibited in sports because it is detrimental for the health of athletes and negatively influence sports fans, thus result in severe consequences. The prohibition of steroids has been a controversial topic among the community. Kenneth Jost…show more content…
One might argue that sports fans want to see more competitive games. Of course, a major drawback of this is the health concerns of steroids. However, many have argued that the health problems are amplified by officials to scare the public. Jost provides insights by professors of medical schools who suggests that, “...anti-doping officials and advocates rely for their case on a fictitious image of pure athletic competition and exaggerated warnings of the health consequences of performance-enhancing drugs”(Jost). Competition between players should not be perfect and players should try to get a lead at their best effort. Steroids could be a possible tool to increase their performance along with conditioning and training. Many of the consequences of steroids include exaggerations in order to frighten

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