Theme Of Fire In Fahrenheit 451

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We all know what the Force is, from George Lucas’s Star Wars. It is a magical force that Jedi knights and Siths can control, to enhance physical abilities and telekinetic powers. It can help and create. It has lifted spaceships off of people and has protected the fictional universe of Star Wars for years. As like the less sci-fi fire. Fire creates relaxing times and bonding times with family. Flames create warmth and heat to toast any frigid person, or just to cook our frozen cuisine. But as like the Force, it has a dark side. The Force has the power to destroy large objects quickly, it can even end someone’s life with strangling or crushing. Just like fire burns and destroys anything it touches. The Protagonist Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451(F451) learns this through the course of the novel, that fire symbolizes pleasure in Part One, change in Part Two, and destruction in Part Three. These also add to the theme of society in the novel. Fire represents pleasure in Part One, Hearth and the Salamander, and this adds to the theme of society. Montag loves to burn houses and books. So fire brings him so much pleasure. “It was a pleasure to burn,” (Page 1, Part 1) Furthermore, “Montag grinned the fierce grin of all men signed and driven back by the flame.” (Page 4, Part 1) Because Montag enjoys burning houses, since he is smiling, it gives him…show more content…
These all add to the theme of society throughout the entire novel. Furthermore, fire is just like the Force from Star Wars. Since the Force can cause immense pleasure, change to the extremes, and destroy mercilessly. Fire is the basically the Earthly version of the Force. They both can even be controlled by anyone who learns how to use it. The burning plasma called fire symbolized many things through the novel, but the ones with the most impact on the novel was pleasure, change, and

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