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According to the University of California Merced (2015), the performance appraisal is designed to be a year-round partnership between the employees and supervisors in planning, coaching, and performance appraisal. So, the appraisal form should be a tool used to guide the professional development of the employee. It is a good way for the employee to assess all of what they accomplished in a year. It is also helpful to management to assess promotion opportunities and pay raises based on the employee’s performance. The performance appraisal form helps to guide managers in having career development conversations with the employee and helps to tie the employee’s goals back to organizational strategic goals. This paper will evaluate a performance…show more content…
According to Plowman (2014), there are required components such as information on the employee, manager, the job title / description, and recommended ones such as performance objectives, suggested development goals, examples supporting each performance objective rating, and formal descriptions of the performance criteria being evaluated. The appraisal form used in Higher Education in Case Study 6-1 includes on the form employee information, competencies and indicators, developmental needs, plans, and goals, and stakeholder input. In the basic employee information section includes information about who the employee is, what the job title is, and the department. This form breaks it down further and includes a control unit too. The basic information section lets the reviewer and the employee know which period of time is under review and if it is an annual review or some other interval. This particular form also delineates whether the review is for a permanent, contract, or temporary employee. There are instructions on the form to explain each section and what is expected. The rating scale is defined according to the levels. The core…show more content…
A section for accountabilities, objectives, and standards are missing on the form. This section should be added because this is where the manager can list expected accomplishments comparing them to the actual accomplishments. This is a good performance discussion for a manager to have with employees. It should be added because it would also list the objectives the manager sets for the employee. Standards help an employee know what the conditions are that the performance in question was achieved. This can allow the employee or the supervisor to explain the conditions that may have affected the rating received. If this is left out then one is left to infer as to the reasoning and not have a complete picture. A major achievements and contributions section could be added to this form. This section is important because it allows the supervisor to list what they see as being noteworthy to mention about the employee. It is another way to give recognition of a job well done to the employee. The performance appraisal form helps supervisors to guide the performance review conversation with the employee. If the major achievements and contribution section is left off of the form the supervisor may forget to add this to the discussion. A developmental achievement section should be added to the form or a box to note that it is being included separately as part of the review because it

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