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JOKES ASSIGNMENT – 30082015-02 Title: Jokes For Kids, Animal Jokes, Kids Jokes, One Liner Jokes In English Description: Animal jokes for kids with a variety of best one liner jokes, and animal riddles in English for kids and for children of all ages brought to you by Kids World Fun Keywords: Jokes, jokes for kids, animal jokes, animal riddles, kids jokes, kids jokes in English, humorous jokes, funny jokes, one liner jokes, kids, kids world fun No. of words: 830 More friendly animal jokes and riddles for kids and children of all ages. Check out this list of funny jokes and riddles and your kids will be screaming with laughter. At Kids World Fun, you can find all sorts of animal jokes as well as a range of other jokes and much more.…show more content…
A: A Tyrannosaurus Wreck Q: What would you call a chimpanzee wearing earmuffs? A: Anything that you wish, as he cannot hear you. Q: Differentiate between a piano and a fish. A: You cannot “tuna” fish. Q: Which part of the fish weighs the most? A: Obviously, the scales. Q: Why do giraffes take such a long time to apologize? A: It takes quite a while, for them to swallow their pride. Q: What happened to the banana do when the chimp chased it? A: The banana split. Q: How was Noah able to see the animals in his Ark during the night? A: He was able to do so with “flood lighting.” Q: Name the cow-riding dinosaur at the rodeo. A: A Bronco-saurus. Q: Name the easiest way to count cattle? A: By using a cow-culator. Q: What made the dinosaur cross the road? A: Nothing – the chicken was not around those days. Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left on a trip? A: Bi-son! Q: Which fish only swims at night? A: The starfish. Q: What did the sardine call the…show more content…
A: Because he continuously kept “pinching” things! Q: Why do bears not wear any shoes? A: Because they would still have “bear feet” Q: What has four wheels, eats grass and produces milk? A: A cow on skates. Q: How would you know that an elephant has invaded your refrigerator? A: Because there would be footprints in the butter. Q: How would you address a dog with a Rolex? A: A watch dog. Q: Which pine has the longest needles? A: A porcupine. Q: What can be worse than a millipede with athlete’s foot? A: A porcupine with split ends! Q: What do cats like to have for breakfast? A: Pooched eggs. That is all we have for today… These animal jokes would be great to share on a school picnic or a family trip. Enjoy! Note about Copyright Most short stories, poems, poetry, scientific facts, projects, teasers and images used by KidsWorldFun, unless otherwise noted, have been researched and taken from the worldwide web, and/or other sources that are assumed to be in the public domain. We research the content and restructure it in our own words. We give full credit to all images / info taken from the web. Please contact us should you feel that this content / image / poem should not be on this

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