Data Security In Information Technology

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A COMPARATIVE REVIEW OF HIDING DATA IN DIGITAL IMAGES USING VARIOUS STEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES Nimratpal Kaur Dr. Sandeep Sharma Department of computer engineering and technology Department of computer engineering and technology Guru Nanak Dev University Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, India Amritsar, India Abstract- Data security is one of the most significant aspects to be deliberated when some specific secret data has to be interconnected amongst two different parties. Steganography is one such technique that hides the authentic existence of the specific data so that anybody else other than the sender as well as the recipient couldn’t…show more content…
In contrast with the data communication in analog form, digital communication offers us several aids for instance enhanced/superior quality, high speed, compression of data etc. However, digital data communication has some shortcomings also, such as the fear of information theft throughout the transmission. The security of the specific data is one of the significant necessities in the arena of information transmission, whether it is the transmission of information/data in military-applications or transmission of pictures on internet that desires to be safer than before. Steganography offers security towards the specific data to be transferred. It is the skill of hiding undisclosed message in a specific cover object…show more content…
Least significant bit substitution: Least significant bit is one of the simplest approach for data hiding. In this steganography technique embedding can be achieved by replacing the least significant bit of the cover image with the bit of secret data. To hide the data one of randomly selected pixel of cover image is replaced with the secret message bit [5]. For gray scale images 8 bits are used. Full color images are composed of mainly three components red, green and blue and 24 bits are used to represent full color images. LSB substitution technique when used in case of color images to hide the secret data , it is needed to use three bits of pixels .It is easier to hide data with LSB for both gray and colored images The advantage of LSB is its simplicity and it offers high transparency but it offers less security. Data is manipulated easily by adding noise, scaling,

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