Employee Performance Appraisal

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1. INTRODUCTION The main of objective of this paper is to examine and explore the “impact a performance appraisal has on employee motivation” bringing together facts stated on different literatures in order to tackle this topic. The reasons for picking this research topic are the fact that many organizations are depending on their employees for success and competitiveness. Many other studies have shown that employees are the core of the every successful organization. As a result of this organizations are trying to figure out different methods for identifying, evaluating, refining and rewarding employee’s performance at work. This is the main reasons why performance appraisal systems play a vital role for organizations to achieve their productivity…show more content…
The Performance appraisal is a management tool which is helpful in motivating and efficiently utilizing human resources. Assessment of human potential is hard, no matter how well designed the appropriate the performance planning and appraisal system is. Right now organizations are focus on introducing a performance management system that reveals the current nature of the organization and its importance on incorporation of work, influence, motivation and job flexibility. Performance appraisal systems of an organization includes activities such as organizational objectives, day to day performance, professional development, rewards and incentives. Every organization needs to evaluate their employee performance half year and then the final evaluation to identify the strength and weaknesses and where they stand with regard to the organization goals. This is system is a tiresome process and it could be handled systematically and methodically. The Performance Appraisal system should be handled by the HR Division as it is a human capital related and the all the managers should be highly supportive and contribute to accomplish…show more content…
If the organisations are not having a good one to one relationship with their employees it could cause them unnecessary problems. Employees are the vital feature in terms of growth of the organisation. Efficiency is a key factor, in order for this to be as a high level employees must be motivated, satisfied with their jobs and dedicated to their organisation. Human Resources specialists in the organisations are the ones who can motivate the employees with the performance appraisal systems, this shows there is a strong link between appraisal systems and employee motivation and also other factors like job satisfaction, dedication and loyalty. (Robert 1984) Mark A Huselid discusses the impact of HRM practices on Turnover, Productivity, and Financial performance, in this article he has assessed the links between high performance work practices and firm performances, his statistical analysis shows that these links have a direct outcome on turnover and productivity. Also he has explained in detail the about individual HRM practices and firm performance (turnover, productivity, financial performance) and the limitations. This article may not have a direct a reasoning towards my topic but the discussed points are related which can be accounted in my

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