Case Study: IBM System X3650 M2

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The midrange server that we investigated in is IBM System x3650 M2. IBM System x3650 M2 is a midrange that can help users with do more thing in an easier way. The System x3650 M2 is introduced to serve more web pages, ensure connection is more secure, support more e-mail delivering and etc. Nowadays, business sector require a type of computer that can help them to reduce operational costs and improve the service quality with a lower overall risk. The dualsocket of IBM System x3650 M2 can reduce users’ costs with the new energy smart design, improve service quality with reduced operational complexity and increased management functionality and lower IT risk with the resiliency that make no failure. Besides, IBM Company is a very strong brand…show more content…
The IBM System x3650 M2 also provides optional twelve high-performance hot-swap hard disk drives that has 3.6TB internal storage capacity. The solid-state drives are optional and low power consuming with resiliency improvement and offer up to 600GB storage. There are maximum eight HDDs or SSD and one internal tape drive can be used in the BIM System x3650 M2. The IBM x3650 M2 provides a choice of four IBM ServeRAID® storage controllers which give broad levels of hardware-based RAID solutions. The ultradense 2U form factor allows a business to increase computing power and spread workload without outgrowing current data centre. There are 21 types of optional 2U servers can be installed in a single 42U rack, for a total of up to 42 processors and 168 processor cores, which are offering tremendous deployment…show more content…
The IMM also offers a high level of manageability that is designed to decrease the cost and boost the system up. IBM’s innovative light path diagnostics panel enables quick servicing of the system if a problem occurs. As compared to the older version of IBM System x3650, the old BIOS is replaced with the new generation United Extensible Firmware Interface. The United Extensible Firmware Interface provides users a more intuitive interface and understandable event logs and better management. With the inclusion of unique IBM service and support features such as the IMM, light path diagnostics, IBM Systems Director 6.1, IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, IBM ServerGuide™ and support for the optional Virtual Media Key for remote presence capability, the IBM System x3650 M2 is designed for superior uptime. IBM System x3650 M2 consists of four USB 2.0 ports which provide flexibility to add high-speed external devices. The USB 2.0 specification supports up to 480Mbps transfer rates. Two ports are provided on the front of the server and four on the back. For pre-boot and normal drive use 2 rear and 2

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