Performance Appraisal System Analysis

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ABSTRACT The study is based on Performance Appraisal System implemented in an engineering company named BHOR Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For the financial year 2013-14. KEYWORDS Performance Appraisal‚ PAS‚ BEPL‚ Personnel‚ Assessing Quantity‚ Points of view INTRODUCTION CONCEPT AND CANTEXT OF THE STUDY Appraising the performance of individuals, groups and organizations is a common tice of all societies. While in some instances these appraisals processes are structured and formally sanctioned, in other instances they are an informal and integral part of daily activities. Thus teachers evaluate the performances of students, bankers evaluate the performance of creditors, parents evaluate the behavior of their children, and all of us, consciously…show more content…
Performance here refers to the degree of accomplishment of the tasks that make up an individual's job. It indicates how well an individual is fulfilling the job demands. Often the term is confused with effort, but performance is always measured in terms of results and not efforts. A student, for e.g. may exert a great deal of effort while preparing for the examination but may manage to get a poor grade. In this case, the effort expended is high but performance is low. In order to find out whether an employee is worthy of continued employment or not, and if so Whether he should receive a bonus. a pay rise or promotion, his performance needs to be evaluated from time to time. When properly conducted, performance appraisals not only the employee know how well he is performing but also influence the employee's future level of effort, activities, results and task direction. Under performance appraisal we evaluate not only the performance of a worker but also his potential for development. LITERATURE SURVEY Scientist Words about Performance…show more content…
Prof. Mirza. S. Saiyadain According to Prof. Mirza S. Saiyadain, “Performance Appraisal could be seen as an objective method of judging the relative worth or ability of an individual Employeein performing his task, if objectively done the Appraisal can help to identify a better worker from poor one”. Alford & Beatty “A Performance Appraisal is the evaluation or appraisal of the relative worth to the company of man’s services on his job”. Michael Crino “Performance Appraisal is the process of assessing quantities & qualitative aspects of an Employee's job Performance”. Need of Performance Appraisal • To review past and present performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses. • To provide constructive feedback to the individual regarding how their Performance is seen. • To assess future promotion prospects and potential. • To assess training needs. • To plan for career development. • To provide an opportunity for career

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