The Pros And Cons Of Radiation

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Radiation, is it good? is it bad? Many people think that radiation is the end of the world as we know it. Radiation isn't all that it seems, nuclear fallouts do exist but then you think about x-rays and all that amazing technology. If radiation didn't exist we wouldn't have all of this amazing modern technology. Radiation is negative in some ways but positive in some was, its not all man made and has amazing uses. Most people think that radiation is all man-made, but that’s not true. Radiation is created from several different sources. One type of radiation that isn't man-made is cosmic radiation. Cosmic radiation is created from stars in outer space that explode (Pettigrew 6). Another source of radiation that isn't man-made is solar flares. These bursts of energy send huge amounts of ionizing radiation to Earth (Rad Town). Sunlight is also a natural form of radiation that gives off Ultraviolet Radiation. We are mostly protected from this by the ozone layer (Pettigrew 18). Nuclear radiation is another form of…show more content…
There are many types of radiation and the first one listed is electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are nonionizing and not very harmful. They come in the form of heat and light (Moche 4). Another type is gamma rays, gamma rays are ionizing. They have the shortest wave length of any type of radiation besides cosmic radiation. The next type of radiation are radio waves. Radio waves are nonionizing but in large doses just like any radiation can be very harmful. Visible light is a form of radiation, but it is harmless. Ultraviolent light is a type of radiation that is very close to visible light. This radiation is emitted from the sun and causes sunburn and other things related to that. Infared light is another form of radiation very close to visible light and has a longer wave length than microwaves and a shorter wave length than ultraviolent (Radiation

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