Jaisalmer: The Golden City

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Jaisalmer: The Golden City Jaisalmer is one of the largest districts of Rajasthan that is also the final frontier of India to the south west, bordering our neighboring country Pakistan. The name Jaisalmer literally means the “Hill Fort of Jaisal” was named as such by its founder the Rajput king Maharaja Jaisal Singh. Jaisalmer is often referred as the “Golden City” of India, and is known as such because of its gold-ish appearance due to the architecture of major structures being constructed of sandstones and a large part of the district being comprised of sand dunes. Historical Perspective Due to its unique geographical placement, Jaisalmer had been unconquered by many foreign rulers and therefore much of its culture and traditions remain…show more content…
Moreover, Jaisalmer’s main economy is based on tourism; therefore the population of the city varies between 75,000-80,000 unlike other Rajasthani states such as Jodhpur and Jaipur. In fact, much of the native population comes into the city for a particular season during the whole year and the leave when the “tourist season” is said to be…show more content…
Its intricate architecture and unique location is what has attracted tourists throughout the years. One of the most unique things about this fort is that this is still a functioning fort, in which people still reside in. This definitely is the most important part of anyone’s visit to the state. • Ghadsisar (Lake) – Sar literally means lake in the native language and since it was built by King Ghadsi, almost 650 years ago and hence the name. The lake is surrounded by the tombs of saints and many temples. Small museums also surround the area. • Jain Temple- One of the biggest testaments to the ideology of tolerance in this particular Rajputana state are these seven Jain temples that are constructed within the Jaisalmer Fort. These forts were built throughout the era of 12th to the 15th century. Built with extreme intricate stone work, all the seven temples are connected by walkways and corridors and are a sight to behold in order to appreciate the craftsmanship of that era. Travel Logistics By Air Very recently, a military strip has allowed for civilian/ commercial flights to land, and thus flights having an appropriate route could be

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