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The Working Poor book by Dave k. Shipler is about how there are people in the United States that work a lot and do hard work but they are still poor. Chapter one is basically about how poor people are easy targets to get abused by public service providers, financial service providers, con artist, and employers. Financial service providers can give them the wrong information which ends up costing them more money that it should be. Their employers can also escape paying them for their overtime work. This chapter also talk about how they have bad spending habits. Those bad spending habits can be things like cell phones, cable for the tv, and bad food. It also talks about how they cannot escape debt and end up in bankruptcy. This happens because in America people are materialistic and having the newer and better product is like a priority. Chapter two is about three women who are trying to get out of poverty. They have minimum wage jobs and they receive…show more content…
After reading it I discovered a lot of things that I did not know and now my eyes are opened. Poverty is much more complex then what people think it is. It is not simple to get out of it like people say. Many people say work hard and you will get out of poverty, but that is not the case at all. There are so many people working in sweatshops and there are so many migrant farmers that work so hard for a little bit of money so they can get by and live. They work so hard for years and they never get out of it. That is not fair at all and they play a very important part in Americas economy. It is not fair that people are set up to fail in life. That problem has to change now. We need to start helping people get out of poverty. Those solutions that Shipler gave in chapter eleven are perfect and they need to be implemented. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it gave me a lot of useful

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