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Jaycee Dugard: The Struggle Behind her Survival. Hundreds of children are abducted every year, but few escape and live to tell their stories. Jaycee Dugard is the exception. Dugard’s survival captivated the country after her eighteen years in captivity. With her entire teen years spent in captivity there is more to her story besides survival. While her story is not like most, here story teaches about strength and resilience. As Jaycee said “If all my heart was filled with hate and regrets and what if’s. Then what else would I have room for?”(Dugard pg 50.) Dugard's story is not the only one in the abduction storybook but her page is displayed because of the courage and determination. She showed how and why she fought through the agony of her abductors. Jaycee Dugard survived by her abduction by using her energy to turn her emotions off to escape captivity for her children. Jaycee an eleven year old girl, who loved pink and was…show more content…
Numbers for abductions and missing kid cases are on the rise with statistically 800,000 missing kids annually in the U.S.(Cooper par. 2) Of those numbers 203,000 is by acquaintances such as family or friends with 58,200 being by strangers. The other numbers in these cases are from run aways. (Cooper par. 3) 43% of kidnapping cases the person is not returned with only 57% being returned. Of those 43% that is someone's loved one, child, friend, or parent that gets ripped away from them by an abductor. (Cooper par. 5) If people assume that keeping your kids in a bubble it will keep them safe that is most likely incorrect, because 32% of abductions occur at or around there home and 36% of those in a public setting. ( Brown par. 14) Others think your gender is a factor and it’s true, abductions can happen anywhere to anyone but there’s a 81% chance of a female getting kidnapped compared to the 12% of boys that get kidnapped. (Brown par.

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