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Being a patient is unpleasant. But can you imagine you are a paralyzing stroke patient? My dearest grandfather suffered from paralyzing stroke in the past seven years. It was a bolt from the blue when my mother notified me this broken-hearted news. I remember I cried loudly in the ward when I saw my grandfather lie on the sickbed. At the very beginning he received physiotherapies. After a few weeks later, my grandfather transferred to the department of Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and massage. I saw his eyes twitched when needles plucked in, but I know it is benefits to his sickness. Since I first saw these medical treatments, it has been entered deeply into my heart –– little did I know about my future path and choices, but as a child…show more content…
At first, we had some language problems with them as the kids normally speak in Cebuano and most of them were afraid of the newcomers, then our team tried to explain the messages by using body language and keep on smiling to them to show the kids we love them. It was a blessing that they were able to understand our messages and communicated with us eventually. I believe this situation is always happening in medical works no matter in the front line or in the administrative works, I deeply believe that when we use our pure heart with respect and dignity to treat the patients even though they are strongly refusing to receive any treatments, eventually most of them will accept to receive the treatments. Maybe some of them are still rejecting for everything, but I believe our attitudes have built something in their hearts already. Handling the medical works is not just reading the patients’ files, but to love them. Through the trip, I learned much about being humble and sincere, which something we can hardly learn at school and I also understood we should value the uniqueness and worth of every…show more content…
It was my responsibility to create the agenda for the board meetings and hold the monthly meeting and promote the conference. Through holding the regular meetings, I am more familiar with doing administrative works and managing the programs now. These experiences equipped me to be a mature student As a potential medical student, I will strive to be a priceless treasure of The Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong by devoting all my life and time to become an outstanding medical personnel. It has always been my dream to exchange my medical knowledge with like-minded people while benefiting the community. Being an excellent medical personnel is my dream, I will enter medical school with the eagerness to study as well as the thirst for medical knowledge which is essential when serving patients. Attending The Faculty of Medicine would be one of the meaningful rewards for my hard works and persistence in pursuing my dream. I heartily believe that The Faculty of Medicine offers me the opportunity to share love through taking care of the patients. This job is extraordinarily mighty and I am proud to set it as my lifelong

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