Persuasive Essay On Choosing A Career

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Jane a fresh high school graduate has dreams of becoming the best teacher in the country, she loves children and teaching them has always been here her passion. However, her parents already made plans and for her, they wanted her to be a nurse but Jane didn’t have any interest in the medical field and science has always been her weakness, she’s now agonizing how she would survive college without disappointing her parents and at the same time fulfilling her dreams. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. But what if you’re being denied of that privilege? As early as pre-school children are asked what they want to be when they grew up from there on they develop dreams and goals in life. And at the same time parents have dreams as well for their children that they wanted them to fulfill, that they end up making choices for them, they control and dictate what their children do without considering what their children would feel. Now, a days, most children are forced to pick a career according to the choice of their parents. However, parents should not…show more content…
Support from parents is very important when decisions are being made because they have strong influence on their children’s decision about education and career but it doesn’t allow them to make that choice for their children often times parents argue that they are too worried that their children would make wrong decisions however parents should allow their children to commit mistakes. People learn from their mistakes, so if their whole life is planned out for them, how are they going to learn? Parents should only encourage and support the decision their child makes and I think it is important to encourage children to aspire towards whatever they would like to be, that way they ‘ll end up getting satisfactory job and as long as they enjoy their job, then they will generally have happier, fuller

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