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In 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (PPACA) into law; this was the first major legislation overhaul of the American’s health care system in over forty years. The President was concerned with the estimated fifty million Americans without health care insurance coverage and sky rocking health care cost, and the United States health care system consumed 18 percent of American’s gross domestic product (Ridic & Howard, 2012). The basic goals of the PPACA is to improve affordability, accessibility, and quality of health for more Americans. To accomplish these goals, the PPACA took a comprehensive approach by guaranteeing consumer protections, regulations, taxes, government subsidies, health insurance market exchanges,…show more content…
The main changes to health care system law made are reimbursements, payments made to health care providers are now based on the patient’s outcome instead of volume (Vincent & Reed, 2014). These changes according to PPACA have health care delivery system finding new and innovating ways to improve patients’ outcome. The passage of PPACA will bring millions of prior uninsured Americans into the health care system, so the demand and the need for more health care workers will affect and impact the role of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and other health care providers…show more content…
The main groups of Americans who will benefit most from the PPACA implementation and the new mandates are people with chronic illnesses, preexisting conditions, and young adults. Before health care reform, Americans with preexisting health conditions such as cancer, hypertension, and other chronic illness were denied health care coverage from private insurance companies in some states, or were required to pay one hundred and fifty percent more for health care coverage compare to Americans without preexisting conditions (singled, & Pollack, 2013). With PPACA, Americans with preexisting conditions now have solace knowing that they will have the health care that they need to improve their overall health and life expectancy without filing for bankruptcy or being penalized by paying more for health care

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