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It is easy to “understand the logic that once you become a professional athlete your private life and a lot of the personal decisions you make are put on display for millions of fans and the public at large to critique. That doesn’t make you a role model; it makes you visible.” (Victorian, 2012) Indeed, while if you want to be famous you have to deal with the idea that you influence others; however, that does that make it their responsibility. Tiger Woods, named one of the most talented golf players of all time until a sex scandal nearly ruined everything that he worked so hard to accomplish. The media can be harsh as well as the public in the event that one who is held in high esteem falters. Athletes like Tiger Woods have been caught in…show more content…
While if Woods was paid to represent himself as having high moral character it was his responsibility to live up to it, one may excel in one area of life and not in another, it was not the obligation of Woods to be a role model, and everyone is capable of mistakes. While many athletes, including Tiger Woods are paid to provide their image, name and personal image to the brands that they promote, it is not their obligation to be a role model for anyone but to only adhere to the clauses in their contracts. These athletes are paid to push a brand not be Mother Teresa. Companies often implement moral clauses into contracts to ensure proper conduct. Woods may have been legally obligated to be of moral character because of his contracts; however, that did not mean he was a role model it meant he was paid for an image. Moral clauses terminate contracts with individuals in the event that they do something immoral or causes disgrace to the individual and the company involved. According to Miller and Laczniak (The Ethics of Celebrity–Athlete Endorsement, What Happens When a Star Steps Out of Bounds?) “the selection of an athlete also can raise questions about a firm's ethical standards and judgment.” Selecting an athlete based on image can result in loss of financial returns and gains for a company in the…show more content…
Their reporting about an athlete or celebrity helps to sway the public's opinion of an individual causing them to be seen as super-human. The media can almost "make or break you." According to Niskala, N., & Hurme, P. (2014). "they act as forces that help in the formation of public knowledge, opinion and deliberation, and they are generally seen as vital parts of the democratic process." When an athlete is doing great journalists report them as the best people on the face of the planet; however, when one does wrong they become the worst people on the face of the globe. Being in the public eye is a hard enough job as it is but to have someone watching and reporting your every move has to be quite taxing.With the paparazzi constantly following it is easy to find fault in those who are regularly monitored. According to Willis, K. D. (2007). "members of the paparazzi are constantly following celebrities around town, seeking the perfect scandalous photograph." This type of behavior from the paparazzi only builds people up only to tear them down for entertainment. The media made athletes like Woods role-models. It is not something that they necessarily wanted or desired to be. Tiger possessed the ability to be an overachiever in golf not the game of life. He was placed on a pedestal by journalists, writers and reporters and when his scandal broke those same individuals tore him down. Between writers and

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