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C Wright Mills established the sociological imagination as a tool for sociology and a way to see the interconnections of ourselves and the world around us. In this essay I will be analysing three YouTube clips to establish how well they convey C Wright Mills key ideas of the sociological imagination. The essay will be contrasting as it compares how well each video conveys certain components. I will demonstrate my understanding of the Sociological imagination and then apply this knowledge to analyse how well each video conveys the key ideas involved in the sociological imagination. Despite the different approach each video takes, they all convey the key ideas that make up the sociological imagination in order to get a wide understanding. C Wright…show more content…
This video was simple with its structure and ideas. The main focus of the video was about how “A successful sociologist makes the familiar strange.” (Norton Sociology 2012) however it only slightly delved into this topic by making you challenge conformist thinking in order to look at everyday things from a different perspective within the surrounding world. There are many key points of the sociological imagination missing within this video and even the main idea of what sociological imagination is was not clearly established throughout it. The video did not convey the main idea of the sociological imagination which involves seeing how things interrelate and influence each other, which is mainly based around how personal troubles and public issues are influenced by each other. “The personal uneasiness of individuals is focused upon explicit troubles and the indifference of publics is transformed into involvement with public issues.” (Mills 1959 as cited in Nehring 2013) this urges us to see the relations between individuals and society as well as social structure. The video only partially mentioned social structures, saying that just because they exist does not essentially mean they are right. This video could have delved more into the key points of the sociological imagination in order to relate…show more content…
It conveys the sociological imagination as “Seeing the strange in the familiar and the general in the particular.” (Cortese D 2013). This is determined as understanding that behaviour is influenced by social structure and that all aspects of individuals influence this behaviour. The video conveys the key point of the sociological imagination in regards to how individuals and social forces influence each other and making the connection between our own personal troubles and the troubles of society. The video also provides a small example of unemployment in relation to applying the sociological imagination rather than individual interpretations to show that what some might interpret as an individual problem can essentially be related to issues within society when viewed from a broader lens. A factor of this video that impacted how effectively it conveyed the sociological imagination was that it began by describing common sense and how common sense was not related to sociology then forming points about what sociology was instead of establishing starting points about the sociological

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