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Grit Essay The trait of grit can help an individual attain long term goals in numerous situations. In order to accomplish goals in life, remaining motivated is required.. A gritty individual not only finishes tasks given to them but is willing to dedicate time to a task that may take years to complete. Grit doesn’t only include character of dedication but also self control and consistent willpower over goals and interests. A gritty individual with self control may learn to control their temper, stick to a strict diet, and resist social media when at work. A gritty type also approaches achievement as a marathon despite any failure, distractions, unhealthy relationships, injuries, or illnesses in the process. Whereas, any other person would take these as setbacks. Grit is…show more content…
It is the most helpful trait to have because it helps a person achieve what they want and dream for. Motivation not only give us courage but also helps people have an overall better life. However, the big amount of electronic use leads to laziness, delaying situations, distraction, and depression which can all be an objection to motivation and inspiration. These are the main enemies of everyone of us pursuing our dreams and attaining our goals. They put our dreams and desires at risk and can influence our entire performance in this life. That is why only those who are strong and motivated enough can succeed and find shortcuts to a goal. This is an amazing trait that helped millions of people to get what they wanted and needed. For example, a man named Charness played chess, sports, music, and visual arts. He was completely dedicated to all his sports. Over 10 years of individual practice, without the rest of his teammates, his consistent hard work amazed crowds in championships. This comes to show that if a person does not crave high motivation for achievement, they will hardly achieve improvement and

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