Micro Goals Research Paper

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I do set micro-goals. When I set micro-goals it’s usually in a group setting or something like notes. For example I would say I had to take X amount of pages of notes before this time, however, I also set micro-micro-goals where I have to do a certain amount that builds up to it. Making micro-goals makes my time-management a lot better than if I didn’t have it. The System of micro-goals helps me out significantly and ultimately makes me a better student. I do make to-do lists because it reminds me what I have to do. Making to-do lists usually makes me remember what I have to do and what I haven’t done yet. When I do a job well I usually put it in an application called Habitica. Habitica gives you little rewards for doing “dailies”, reinforcing habits, and finishing To-dos. Every daily, habit, or to-do finished you get game currency and is technically a reward.…show more content…
I alternate from time to time, but usually I’m not a multi-tasker. For example, I do one task at a time when I have to do something important, like writing a paper or taking notes. I multi-task when the tasks aren’t that important like gaming or watching a YouTube video like playing videogames. I somewhat emphasize my strengths, but I do not know of my weaknesses to well. I learned of my strengths from the class College 100 from MCC Longview. The class used a website called strengths quest and it really helped out with what I do

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