Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Analysis

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It Takes a Sin to Make a Chivalry Knight? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an extraordinary story written in the fourteenth century by an unknown author. In this story the knights live by one specific code, the code of chivalry. Gawain being the nephew of King Arthur; the noble and honorable king of Camelot follows and respects this code like an honorable knight. This chivalry code has religious, moral and social aspects that a knight must live by, aspects such as honesty, courage, honor, hope and love and friendship. But is anyone willing to lose their own life to keep this code of honor? How much does one value one’s own life? Gawain being a virtuous knight who possess all the morals that a knight must possess is tested by Morgana, her aunt to see if it is true that the knight of the round table are as noble and honest as their reputation pursues them. Therefore she sends Bercilak as the Green Knight and challenges anyone at the round table but Gawain being a modest knight accepts his challenge. The challenge is one truck for one struck in return, but Gawain has exactly a year and one day to find the green knight and…show more content…
He did not back down from the challenge. He goes on his journey to find the green knight. Throughout his journey, he shows his tenacity by overcoming all of the obstacles present in front of him. He confronts wolves, bulls, dragons, bears and even giants. However, he always triumphs over his enemies. Sir Gawain proves that he does not lack courage. Gawain sleeps in his armor and has nightmares every night, but he keeps on moving forward on his journey to find the green knight and keep his word. He suffers in the cold winter. Sir Gawain prays and prays to the Virgin Mary. He never loses his hope like a great knight he is. He does not give up. This quality helps him to be brave, endure his pain and maintain his hopes. In result of his bravery, he finally finds the castle of

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