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In the poem crossing over, the poet Chris Mann writes about life and death. Its focuses on two people who are living with AIDS, however he describes it as” they already have a foot in the grave”. Chris interpretation of crossing over, which is about moving from the living to the dead, is different to my interpretation of crossing over. I understand the quote “crossing over” as overcoming challenges, hardships and difficulties in life as well as making the negative aspects into positive, and coming through these defiance’s by moving forward in a positive attitude. I am a seventeen-year-old teenager and almost every day of my life I get exposed to many harmful effects. I get offered almost on daily basis cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. I have learnt from growing up the effect these substances have on my body and the damage they can cause and I have learnt to say no when offered certain substances, however some of my friends have not.…show more content…
It’s very hard for me to sit around and see this. I am constantly put in a position where I am seeing my friends damage themselves and there body, telling them that what they doing is going to hurt them in the long run. Many of my friends are naïve and will drink alcohol while on medication, which I cant, wrap my head around and make no sense to me. Many of them who were perfectly healthy, have now got terrible coughs due to smoking, or drink and do drugs every time they go out which effects their skin, health and relationships. I see it as they have “crossed over” to a side full of negativity and

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