Want To Get Into College? Learn To Fail Analysis

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The main idea that is brought up in Angel B. Perez’s work, “Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail.” is that colleges do not look for perfection and unflawed students, but rather students who have failed and have the determination and learning experience to get past that failure and achieve greatness. Students from across the world believe that colleges look at GPA and perfection of their reflections in their personal statements, but really it is the opposite such as the stories of defeat and triumph that students learn from and overcome. “Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail,” was a significant article that supported the idea of failing in order for it to become a learning experience and challenge to overcome in order to prepare and to be able to handle courses in college.…show more content…
Perez argues that the dean of admissions not always want the very best and that perfection does not exist. Perez says they do not expect to see it in college applications and admission officers are more skeptical to students who reflect themselves in their statements as unflawed and perfect individuals. He writes in paragraph four that, “How could a dean of admission at one of America’s most selective institutions not want the best and the brightest? The reality is, perfection doesn’t exist, and we don’t expect to see it in a college application.” In this passage, Perez is suggesting that they read and look for individuals with unique things to say about themselves rather than make them seem as if they are the perfect and ideal model. In conclusion, Perez’s belief is that students who submit college applications should stay true to themselves and try and stand out from the rest of the students who only write and boast about their trophies, medals and test

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