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Choosing a career path at this age can be very challenging at this age. Many jobs are available in a variety of fields and majors but I believe I want to look into a career path in the medical field, orthodontics specifically. Growing up I have always been interested in becoming an orthodontist because they deal with everyone’s favorite bones, their teeth. Pursuing a career as an orthodontist will be scary and exciting because there is so much about the job that is waiting to be discovered. Pursuing a career in orthodontists is my dream because the career is a field and career that interests me and fits my skills, there are local universities that offer a prestige Orthodontist Residency Program, and the potential of a bright future in the career. First off, an orthodontist is similar to a dentist but instead, specializes in performing more cosmetic work…show more content…
These are dental straps or wires that use pressure to correct the teeth structure within a person’s mouth. Braces are attached to a patient’s teeth for a very long period of time which can even extend to multiple years! Daily activities may include evaluating the needs of new patients, creating teeth molds, fitting orthodontic appliances and checking on the progress of individual patients. Many of the skill required to succeed in this career include complex problem solving and decision making, management of personnel resources, and time management. All of these skills are skills that I have succeeded in. After receiving the correct education and certification, an orthodontist may choose to open their own practice or even join an existing practice. According to O*Net, the most important aspect of practicing orthodontics is an in-depth knowledge of dentistry, which is acquired primarily through academic study and hands-on practice in dental and orthodontic schools (onetcenter

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