Dental Hygienist Career Research Paper

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` A career is an occupation that takes on a person's life for a significant period of time allowing opportunities to progress. Since we are juniors in high school , a plan should be thought out for your career. Even if you don't have a career in mind , you should set backup plans. My career that I would prefer is being a dental hygienist. My back up plans are an orthodontist , registered nurse , neonatal nurse , or a pediatrician. My first option is being a dental hygienist. The educational requirements are an associate of science in dental hygiene. The associate degree usually requires two years. The best school you can go to is the University of Southern California. The acceptance rate is 19.8 % and the average ACT score is 31. In May 2012 the median salary was $70,210. The lowest salary was $46,540. Benefits that you can get from this career is paid vacation , dental coverage, and sick leave. Being a dental hygienist has always been my passion. Secondly…show more content…
To become a pediatrician you will study medicine during your undergraduate and graduate education. To be accepted in the medical school program , you must take the medical college admissions test ( MCAT). The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia offers the best school if you are pursuing to be a pediatrician. The average salary is $250,000 a year. Most medical professionals have regular vacation and sick pay. You are self-employeed so you don't have specific benefits. My five careers I chose to help me eliminate my factors in deciding and switching majors in college. I learned background information about each career so that I know what I'm heading towards. The career that stuck out to me the most is being an orthodontist. I have always had a passion of being in the dental field , but the benefits and the salary they receive is what I want to head for. I can now successfully plan my

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