Becoming An Orthodontist

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As Steve drove to work in the morning, he pulled into this building that had his name proudly written across the top. After all those years of med school, he was glad that it was finally paying off. The hours were at his convenience and the created established the rules. He walked in and saw his receptionist along with his other employees. He walked inside his office as he got ready for his day at work. As he looked around he noticed that the atmosphere was always in a bright mood. There were always kids laughing and playing around and that brings joy to his heart.As he got prepped for his next procedure with Timmy, a little kid walked up to him and thanked him for all the work that he was putting into him. That was one of the most memorable…show more content…
Being an orthodontist means that you have pursued a medical career in the field of dental hygiene. They specialize in aligning crooked teeth with braces. Typically, they go out and work with another firm, or they can branch out and create their own. To become an orthodontist, one has to go through years of school, and devotion. The future of the career is looking pretty bright as many opportunities are opening up because of thousands of doctors retiring. The new era of orthodontist is among us. This paper is going to be covering a complete analysis on the nature of the career, employment necessities, and the benefits and luxuries of the career on…show more content…
The states that most have a necessity for orthodontist are California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. While the hotspot cities are Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Miami and New York (My Pursuit). Even though these are the most condensed places for orthodontists, there are still orthodontist offices in every state and almost in every city. Future of the Career The job outlook of this career is looking positive. During the next couple of years the employment of dentists is looked to increase by 21 percent (bls). Many of the doctors from the baby boomer age are beginning to retire, leaving many positions open to future orthodontists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of the year 2012 there were 7500 orthodontists in the country. An orthodontist who stays up to date with eh latest technologies and techniques through continuing education will be more likely to find open job positions (Davenport). “Fig 1. Bar Graph of Orthodontist Employment, from Bureau of Labor Statistics, (LLC, 2014) Print.” Salary and Benefits

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