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Organizational change consists of many facets depending on the needs of the organization at any given time. Leaders understand that change is not always accepted positively and there may be certain events that causes the need for immediate, periodic or interim changes. Also, as part of any implementation of change questions need to be answered beforehand. For instance, whether or not turnaround time, tools and techniques or if there is a transformation timeframe. Leaders understand while implementing changes employees are needed to assist in these change as well. In order to understand organization change, students were asked to review “The ASDA Way of Working” article and then highlight the points in the article that were either effective…show more content…
The most notable event was the fact that discount chain stores were undercutting the grocery chains profit margins. Another major problem was the way the organization was run and how profits were used. In order for the store to save themselves from ruin the corporation board of directors decided to hire a new leader named Archie Norman. Norman noted that the trigger events were both internal and external which will be addressed as part of the written assignment. Norman first noted that the internal problems of the organization was the lack of employee participation, motivation, lack of departmental communication and the high debt leverage of the company. The external problems were due to the competition selling their products and/or goods at a discount and customers were no longer loyal to the ASDA grocery store chain. Norman noted that in order to turn the tide for ASDA, the cooperation of the Board of Directors was needed for the initiation of immediate and long-term changes for…show more content…
One technique that bears mentioning is the need to gain employee trust by involving them in the organizational change process. Reinvestment was another tool needed to restore the chain to its original glory. Restoring cross-departmental communication allows for greater responsibility of employees and gives the added value of employee involvement. However, during these process changes employees noted that Norman appeared to give orders and then not allow employees the chance to implement the orders. Norman admitted fault but, noted that given the current climate of ASDA employees there was no room for failure. Therefore, it was necessary to checked to ensure compliance and if employees were moving to slow to implement changes, then it was necessary to make the changes himself. Norman further stated that there would be no room for failure and there was low tolerance for employees not following

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