Mechanistic Model Of Communication Event

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The communication event that will be explored is the Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) Open Day. First the organization will be defined, followed by the purpose of the event. Then the event will be described as mechanistic communication and as interactive communication, both descriptions will be compared and the benefits of each will be discussed. Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) is a private higher education institution. Pearson is the corporate owner, not a registered provider nor conferrer of qualifications. MGI “aims to be the leading private higher education provider in Southern Africa, recognised both locally and internationally for their academic excellence and career-focused programmes”. MGI believes in providing a healthy learning…show more content…
The mechanistic view of communication is achieved by dividing every operation in the organization into stages. Every employee and department in the organization is in charge of one step to keep the event afloat. This view of communication is defined by a hierarchy, where everybody follows rules and procedures of conduct therefore making it easier for supervisors to evaluate or identify problems automatically as they occur and report back to the managers. The mechanistic perspective of the Open Day event begins with the assumption that communication has a source (the organization), channel (the event), message (information), and receiver (future students). In this case, the MGI Open Day event is broken down into pieces, and different departments and faculties are assigned tasks to complete within the organization to reach the goal or aim of the…show more content…
When the organization runs a radio advertisement and promotions on social media, management can discover what the prospective students think about the organization and how to improve even without direct feedback, the organization can also check the effectiveness of the ads on social media by evaluating the number of visitors and views, and the number it has been shared. Social networking and advertising is a big part of interactive communication. The organization benefits from creating accounts on social media platforms, radio and television to communicate with students. For example, by posting a link on the social networking page, the student’s friends will see it, the friend’s mutual friends will see it and in many cases some percentage of the friends' social network may also click the link or share it. This means for the organization will have more students responding to the event. Creating social networking profiles and specifically for organizations is an ideal way to interact with prospective students and is an affordable way to

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