Type A Personality Analysis

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Project Two is divided into three major steps. The first step examines my Type A personality and its relation to and impact on the other elements of my personality. Within this step, I will analyze the lessons I have learned about myself through these personality tests; including, the improvement of my listening skills, trust of others, and inflexibility towards change with regards to delegation. Within step two, section one investigates the elements of communication, trust, and adaptability as they deepen the relationships within organizational behavior. This section also studies the role these three elements could play in making me a better manager, employee, or coworker. Section two, examines the influential nature of my Type A personality on my leadership abilities and explores my political influence on others, while appraising the role of Type A characteristics and political skills for the personal formation of greater competence as a manager, coworker, or employee. Step three evaluates the spiritual factors of my Type A personality, by…show more content…
The first step will be divided into three sections. Within section one, I will evaluate my Type A personality. Section two delves into my need to be a stronger listener and more trusting of others. Section three will examine my inability to delegate and my fear of change. The second step will analyze the lessons I have learned from these personality tests, which will make me a better employee, coworker, or manager, both generally and personally. Within the third step, I will explain how the Holy Spirit has worked through my life to transform my weaknesses into strengths. This transformative experience will be appraised through the lens of Dr. Fischer’s article “The Gospel and Personal Reflection” and covenantal principles. Good introductory paragraph helps follow the

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