Essay On American Culture

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Emiliano Segura America has been around for the totality of 241 years. Through those 241 years, ever-changing America continues to progress. It is quite literally history in the making. Aspects of American life and its freedom can lie at its most profound core: the Constitution. Issues concerning slavery, voting rights, and women’s rights have been altered by the so-called “living” document. The American way lands in the choices amplified by the unalienable freedoms that were gifted to millions of America 241 years ago. American values such as the American dream became true and still hold ground today thanks to the American industrial area. American culture is only a product of time, and the influence its current inhabitants has on it. Race and gender go almost toe-to-toe as most race/gender minorities looked for their equal rights and fought against prejudice. The American middle class makes up for the highest percentage of the American population. Combined with its low companion…show more content…
From Chinatown in California, to the African-American south, American culture is continually being changed by its diversity. The previous surges of immigrated that were stated in the last paragraph had a great deal of influence. When American food is mentioned, three main things may come to mind: hamburgers, hot-dogs, and pizza. They all come from different cultures, hot-dogs and hamburgers are German, and Pizza is Italian. This one example of many in how American culture has been changed by its residents. The American south is deeply rooted in African customs, from their food and their love of spice are all shaped by African-Americans. It is how, and what lead to this that’s appalling. Slavery, a cultural ideal that whites were superior to blacks, therefore, they are justifiably enslaved.However, thanks to the product of its time it no longer stands, it is now seen as a crime against humanity, and a dark time in
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