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Michael Pizziferro Ms. Levine Movies With a Conscience October 4th, 2015 The Chaotic Life of Terry Malloy The movie “On the Waterfront” directed by Elia Kazan in 1954 reveals the life story a port-docker, Terry Malloy, who decides to take the path of justice when it turns out that he works for a gangster, Johnny Friendly, who is a corrupt boss of port-dockers (IMDb). However, this crime drama film is not just another episode from the life of one person. Through the image of the main character, Malloy, the director emphasizes essential issues that are able to change people's minds. Thus, it can be said that he represents a larger theme in the movie as all the events that occur with him truthfully tells about the working class that is ruthlessly…show more content…
Of the film. Terry Malloy starred by Marlon Brando is the main character of the story that leaves no one indifferent. He is presented as a simple port worker who together, with his brother Charlie, works for a local authority who controls all the local docks and ports using them for his dirty dealings (SparkNotes). Although Terry is a good man as he is always ready to help others, he is an unpromising person who is unable to "sell himself". It can be proved by the fact that he is a former boxer who unfortunately was not able to achieve significant results in the…show more content…
Thus, Terry acts as a hero who “exists” in the world where human feelings are captivated by money and immorality. From the example of the main character, the viewer can see the features inherent in a representative of a working class. Furthermore, throughout the movie it becomes obvious that Terry is deprived of power, spiritual interests, snobbery and money. He is only a pawn in the hands of the big players. Thus, his image primarily depicts the inferiority of human life and inability to change the course of events due to the lack of

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