Orange Business Services Case Study

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Orange Business Services (OBS) is the B2B branch of Orange Group. It is a global IT and Telecommunication services provider and operator, with services in 220 countries. 260 million customers and 40.2 billion euros in revenue. 20,000 employees, local government bodies and public sector organizations support companies, in every aspect of their digital transformation. As a Business to Business enterprise, our customers are the different kinds of companies, no matter the company’s size or the company’s division. OBS help the client’s companies collaborate and run their business more efficiently and help them engage better with clients companies’ customers. Helping them connect their employees, the internal web sites and the machines securely.…show more content…
Entering new markets and matching new opportunities demand OBS should adapt business process and deal with all different issues, such as cost and budget, language barriers, onshore and offshore challenges, etc. For well dealing with these problem, we draw from 50 years’ operating experience and use excellent global team with very strong capabilities to better serve the company well entering the new market. What’s more, we should well deal with the seasonal cycles, time zone, IT systems running and diverse geographic requirements. OBS’ global process and capabilities are designed with global and local customers in mind. Differ from the domestic operators, OBS works together and implant locally. As we are the large domestic operator, our significant investments in capacity upgrades and cable routes help us built robust partnerships with local operators and high-tech companies to deliver magnificent service. Listening to our customers’ needs and demands at every stage in our process decided that we are nor just offer what we have, but also how we do things difference. We always consider the questions on the customs’ side. No matter for the strategy development, operation process or the product and services innovation. We focus on what we deliver, how we deliver and to make life easier for our customers. ‘’One of our most essential ambitions is to help make your business life easier’’ as OBS slogan,…show more content…
The experts exercise their discernment in developing long lasting relationships with our customers. Solving problems after and built up the crisis management system. With the effort of expertise in vendor management, OBS could also look after the other third parties. Reducing risks from the professional knowledge. OBS manage the global teams with the good organization and governance control in order to minimize any potential conflicts. Based on our experience to help lower the risks and barriers to entry into new markets with limited infrastructure. Dedicating teams which make you feel confident. Reasonable job allocation allows employees work with the colleagues you close, and solve any problem and proactively work on your future needs. Great team building could lead to a good communication and deliver against all promise. In OBS, it is always the business first, technology solution second. One of OBS aims is to help the clients’ business life easier. Our experts take an end to end view of the clients’ solutions, no matter in packaged, tailored integrated, managed or in the cloud. And translate theses solutions into business

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