Emigration In Pakistan Essay

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Social Issues Resulting from Emigration Although there has been much incentive for migration to the Gulf region, there has been an issue regarding the women who stay back taking care of the families. Emigrants from Pakistan were almost exclusively all male and unlike other governments, the Pakistani government discouraged women from migrating out of the country (Siegmann, 2010). This resulted in women taking charge of the financial decisions and family affairs without the input of men. Men leaving from rural areas were mostly un-skilled or semi-skilled laborers and this increased the burden of women to handle agricultural labor. However, this increases independence among women and reduces the thick line between masculinity and femininity as women can take the roles of their husbands and successfully take charge of their household (Siegmann, 2010). On one hand, some may state that this empowers women in the household, by putting them in charge of the decision-making, which can in turn can impart some much needed confidence and freedom to these relatively reserved women. As coined by an economist Burki, “She has…show more content…
There are many positive and negative consequences due to emigration from Pakistan and from the three effects researched in this paper, we can conclude that emigration does have a positive role and leads to a brighter future for Pakistan. Sure there are plenty of negative consequences such as brain-drain and the issue of women left behind, but even the latter one can be seen as a positive effect in the sense that women can gain independence from this situation. Pakistan should continue to let its people migrate out of the country but should also increase its growth in plenty of other ways as well and not fully rely on remittances since foreign countries now are not that willing to accept expatriates and job markets outside have become

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