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One belief I strongly believe in is that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. The bible verse for that is John 14:6. The reason I know he is the way the truth and the life is because I've experienced it. When I was in the sixth grade I got a case of osteomyelitis. I was in the hospital for 8 days and out of school for 2 months. I didn't know if i was going to be able to play sports at the caliber i was playing at and I was very devastated. The verse also says that no one gets to the father except through Jesus. And I believe all of that because I have experienced it. I will explain that also in this essay. The first thing in the way, the truth and the life is the way. Jesus is the only way. He is the only way for a few things. He is the only way to God. He is the only way into heaven. You cannot get into heaven without following Jesus. I have not been a follower of another religion and I will not Bash other religion because that is disrespectful but, being a christian makes the most sense and you will live the best life. When I accepted Jesus in my heart my life got a lot better. Now I am not saying that you will not encounter hardships, but your life will…show more content…
You will live a better life on earth when you follow Jesus. But if you follow Jesus that doesn't mean you won't face hardships.My Life has been great with Jesus. I have had my tough times no doubt, everyone does. But I have come out of those hardships stronger every time. You can go to any Christian and I will bet they will tell you there life is better with God too. The hardships you face is what makes you grow closer to Jesus if you go to him in those hard times. Jesus will help you with life on earth. He wants your life to be enjoyable. When you follow Jesus and be a follower you will receive eternal life in Heaven. Jesus also gave life when he was on earth. He raised people from the dead a few times. He literally gave people

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