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Role of Learning and Teaching in A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin, born in 1929 in California, is an author of fantasy novels for children. Her first fiction work is the book of A Wizard of Earthsea that was published in 1968; the book is literally for young-adults who are interested in fantasy novels. According to Le Guin, the novel demonstrates the experiences of a young boy called Duny whose true name is Ged but known as Sparrowhawk. Those experiences that Ged went through are lessons for not only Ged but for who read the book especially young people because it illustrated examples of what people do nowadays, such as behaving and interacting, so the author tried to explain the role of teaching and learning from the novel. Children…show more content…
Firstly, he was taught by his aunt who was used to take care of him wisely when she knew he had the power of magic. Her aunt taught him only simple magic because she was not powerful, so this shows the way of how teaching can be not enough when someone does not know a lot. Therefore, to improve learning, people will have to attend other places and learn with other teacher who have more knowledge. For instance, according to the book, Ged left his aunt and went with his true namer, Ogion, who was the most powerful wizard. Thus Ged moved away from his true family and went to his journey with a…show more content…
One recognizable example of this attitude is that he called the spirit of a death, and this was because he wanted to show himself in front of a girl whose name was Serret. An impatience person can lead to many negative consequences, such as the fact that it might lead to fail the whole idea and work because an impatient person always seeks for faster result which may not always be very successful as planned. Ogion knew that Ged had this attitude, so he wanted to give him how to be patient in life, but Ged only tried to learn magic. However, after the shadow came to life, he learnt from his mistake and managed to become a more patient, successful person in life. And this was how he found out the name of the shadow and he managed to release himself from this negative influencing

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