Rhetorical Analysis Save The Children

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Poverty. Famine. Hunger. Hearing these few words consecutively triggers the sympathetic part of an individual buried deep down. One is reminded of the millions of people in the contemporary world, ranging from infants to the elderly, who are in adversity and haven’t been blessed with the basic necessities of life. The issue of poverty is seen as a crucial one as starvation is experienced, leading to the death of many. One ad in particular which has induced the emotions of its readers is Save the Children which will be scrutinized to assess its efficiency in conveying its intended message. In order for this to be achieved, Aristotle’s three appeals of persuasion: ethos, pathos and logos will be considered, and labelled whenever found in the…show more content…
This technique has made it conspicuous for the viewer, and together with a heart-moving image, has further added to its success in raising awareness about a substantial concern. The image displayed consists of two beings, a vulture and a baby girl indicated through a necklace worn. The sole girl is curled into a ball and has an undernourished body, with the outline of her skeleton appallingly visible and sharply pointing out. The position of her body suggests and even symbolizes death as her body is disintegrating with the progression of time. The vulture appears to have grasped this message and is therefore awaiting her death to devour her and satisfy its stomach so it doesn’t suffer the same fate as this child. The environment where she lays is perceptibly one where its grasslands has lost all of its minerals and is on the verge of death; a mirror reflection of the situation of the deprived girl. Little huts can be seen towards the end of the photograph. Examining this entire area, the conclusion can be drawn that not only is this girl suffering from hunger, but from thirst too with the climate being unsupportive. Vibrant colours are not utilized which depicts that this is a grave situation being

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