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"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.11 -George Santayana A clear example of this quote is in the actions on Adolf Hitler. He made many of the same mistakes and had many of the same successes as Napoleon Bonaparte. The similarities and differences between Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte are striking, and they deserve thorough examination. Though Napoleon and Hitler shared many of the same personal qualities, Hitler's unique agenda and propaganda techniques have made him a much more memorable leader. Both men had similar backgrounds. At primary school, Hitler showed much potential and was very popular with his fellow classmates. Secondary school was much harder and he dropped out at 15 as a result. He volunteered to fight in the First World War and gained the ranked of corporal. He had earned his accolades as a dispatch runner, which was a very dangerous position. He achieved several awards for bravery, including the Iron Cross First Class ( Napoleon also dropped out of school and served in an artillery regiment stationed in the town of Valence. He became depressed, stating that life was a burden that offered him no pleasure (Betros 41). Military life proved to be grim for Hitler, too; in 1918, he was blinded in a mustard gas attack. While he was in the hospital, Germany surrendered, leaving him…show more content…
In 1923, after a failed attempt to seize power, Hitler was put to trial and sentenced to five years in jail. There he wrote his autobiography Mein Kampf, or "my struggle" which emphasized using physical terror to control large groups of people (Slovey 122). Napoleon had several setbacks which were primarily because of his own mistakes. He replaced the Spanish king with his brother Joseph, which infuriated the Spanish people. They formed guerillas and, along with Britain, started a war with Napoleon which resulted in the loss of over 300,000 of Napoleon's men. Napoleon was further set back when

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