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Throughout history there have been many different Indian tribes. One of the most influential and prominent tribes is the Ojibwe tribe of the Great Lakes area. One way that people have learned so much about the Ojibwe tribes where they have come from and how much they have accomplished is from Edmond Ely in his journal writings where he was an Ojibwe missionary. The Ojibwe is one of the most important tribes from their family life to their governmental aspects because of how far they have come from where they started. Without their culture and way of life they would not have been one of the top four most successful tribes.2 Since the Ojibwe tribe was able to adapt to any situation or living environment, they were able to survive better than…show more content…
They made their way to the United States during the ice age when there was not water separating the lands.6 They not only migrated to the United States but also to Canada.6 The Ojibwe tribe was not always the Ojibwe.6 They have also been known as the Ojibwa and Chippewa.6 They originated from the Anishinabe name. Anishinabe was split into two other tribes or names as well: the Potawatomi and the Ottawa. Ojibwe means the "Original People.” When making their way from the east they finally settled at Lake Superior.6 They moved because of a prophet telling them they will be destroyed if they do not.7 They were told to move to and island that was shaped like a turtle.7 Many of the tribe did not feel comfortable or trusting in the prophet to move until a pregnant woman had a dream to…show more content…
Through the different seasons and encounters with other countries the Ojibwe used natural resources and survived without destroying the land and many unneeded people in the process. They became one of the most successful tribes. The Ojibwe were not always successful or well off. They started out in a very low place and had to work their way up.33 The Ojibwe used to live in poverty and had a low standard of living.33 The tribe faced discrimination and prejudice in jobs and other aspects of life. 33 The government of the tribe started with a protest called AIM, American Indian Movement, which was created to help stop unemployment, discrimination, and poverty.5 The governments have power over large businesses, schools, and healthcare.5 Each band of the Ojibwe tribe elected their own leader and advisors. The leaders were not just anyone. The leader had to hold these three traits: the leader must be considerate, wise, and put the needs of the tribe ahead of their own. The chiefs had to be very skilled and well-spoken so that their people would follow them with confidence.8 The leaders were always dressed in the best such as a headdress. When the Ojibwe leaders negotiated with the white man it was not just a meeting with one of the leaders, all of the leaders went to the Grand Council. At this meeting the leaders selected one main leader to declare war, negotiate peace, and develop laws.

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