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The Ojibwe tribe, also known as Ojibwas or Chippewas, is one of the two main Native American tribes in Minnesota. Ojibwe means “puckered moccasin people”, and they are woodland people of northeastern North America. The people in the Ojibwe tribe were primarily hunters and fishermen, and they have substantial populations of about 100,000 people. In this paper, a lot of information about the Ojibwe tribe will be discussed, such as their tribal government, history, language, culture, and a contemporary issue of their tribe. Tribal Government From a historical, traditional tribal perspective, the structure of the governing body of the Ojibwe society was loosely organized. There were very few differences in equality unless it was based on age.…show more content…
This is a great example of a tribal hunting/fishing rights issue experienced by the Ojibwe tribe. Two men may face gross misdemeanor charges after taking fish using an illegal method. These men were from different reservations. One, Todd Thompson, was from the White Earth Reservation, and the other, Jim Northrup, was from the Fond du Lac Reservation. Not only that, but across the highway, two more members of the Ojibwe tribe, specifically the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, were cited by the DNR for harvesting wild rice without a license. Though there has been some bad history between the Native Americans and the white people, a spokesperson for the 1855 Treaty Authority group stated, “I think it's just a matter of a little more time, and maybe we can have this all agreed to without any real adversarial relationships developing any further than they have been” (Bibeau, 2015 p. 2). Also, an attorney for the group said that he hopes people can understand that this tribe has gatherings off of their reservation, and this is something that needs to be recognized by state law. If the state and the Natives can come to an agreement to help preserve aspects of the Native culture, then hopefully the Natives along with many other people will be better off in the long run. What needs to happen is we all need to move forward from history and look past one another’s differences. Then, hopefully, the Natives can have fewer issues and finally be at peace with the white settlers. This is one of the many contemporary issues happening among the Ojibwe

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