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In books and movies, Southern Belles are introduced as rude, conceited, and as brats, but that is not the complete truth. A Southern Belle is a wonderful young lady who loves to receive a good education. Manners are always an important task for her. She is always looking for a man suitable for a husband, but in order to fulfill that job, he must be just like her. Although some people consider a Southern Belle as uneducated and full of herself, a typical southern belle in the 1900s was an educated, hospitable young lady, who is a responsible role model for young girls. In the South, women did not get as many privileges as some men did, such as, their education privileges. Not all schools allowed women to get a higher education than men, but in the ones that did, some women actually got a higher education. “Although the south would sometimes criticize strong-minded women, they would still treat them with equality by offering them an education similar to men” (Farnham 2). Southern Belles were interested in a good education, many of them actually finished collage, which was already not typical for women.…show more content…
All southern belles were very considerate to all people around them. “A southern women always puts others before herself” (Farnham 5). Southern belles are shown as talented young ladies, Bel Tracy was a wonderful example of a southern belle. She was very responsible and polite to anyone and everyone who would speak to her. To fathers, having a daughter who was considered a Southern Belle, was seen as a good thing it means she was caring and helpful. Many southern belles were mothers, so they would rely on their fathers for many things. A southern belle always puts others before

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