Comparing Troy From Fences And Levee From Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

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August Wilson was a noted playwright, he was born Frederick August Kittel in Pennsylvania on April 27, 1945 to a African-American mother, Daisy Wilson, and a German immigrant father Frederick Kittel. The first play he ever wrote was Jitney, in 1979, and has flustered from them on. He has received multiple awards and recognition for his work. His plays demonstrated African-American struggles, importance of self-identity, which is key for blacks in that period of time, and his plays embraced African-American culture. August was born in the Hill district of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1945. He was biracial, being born of an African-American mother and White father. August was primarily raised by his mother, where he shared an apartment with five siblings that had only two bedrooms and no hot water at all. His…show more content…
When reading his plays you begin to notice a specific theme that is seen which is struggling for power or struggles of African-Americans overall. An example of this is Troy from Fences and Levee from Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. These two men are written in different decades while they both encounter the same downfalls of being an African-American. They display the situations that a black male would have faced during that period of time, men who are by law free but very much still oppressed. They allow surroundings to affect them which results in them bringing others down with them. Levee and Troy are both delineations of every last one of trusts and longs for a dark male living in a free America. They depict the pitiless reality that despite the fact that by law they are free men, they are still all that much mistreated. Wilson captures the aspects of struggling African-Americans in each way or form, he purposely writes with the purpose of displaying how blacks think, are treated, and how misunderstood they can

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