All Quiet On The Western Front And The Book Thief Analysis

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In two very different wars, there are many similar aspects and emotions. Between the two novels, All Quiet on the Western Front and The Book Thief each one takes place during a different war, but the characters have similar emotions and aspects. Death, fear, and caring about others are just a few of them. Just because two novels take place in two different time periods, does not mean the characters do not have similar aspects and emotions. The idea of death first seems as though it is a negative event and that it impacts their lives in a negative manner, but later we see that the initial intention is for them both to learn who they are and to grow personally. The lack of communication between them and the outside world leads to a misunderstanding and to more heartache and only once they overcome their grief and sorrow, their relationships with the community heal and become stronger. With death comes sorrow and grief amongst family and friends of that one special person they lost. Paul…show more content…
People fight for those they care about. People usually care about family and friends the most. Most will stand up for who they believe in. Paul fights for others. He made one vow, "to fight against the hatred that meaninglessly pits young men of the same generation but different uniforms against one another" (Remarque, ). He cares about his mother too and he goes back home to her bedside and talks to her and cares for her. Liesel cares about her foster family and about Max. Due to Max being severely sick, Liesel collects gifts for him and lays them on his bed side table. One time she wanted to give him clouds because she thinks they are beautiful, but since that is impossible she writes down a description of the clouds and puts that on his bed side table. When her foster father is a part of the war, she never stop thinking about him. Liesel and Paul are both very caring people who love their friends and family

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